How to Free up Space on Your iPhone: Top 10 Ways to Clear Memory

How to Free up Space on Your iPhone: Top 10 Ways to Clear Memory


Table of Contents

  • Cleaning the browser
  • Disabling the photo stream
  • Turning on iCloud Photos
  • Deleting apps
  • Online music
  • Delete Messaging
  • Updating iOS
  • Deleting screenshots
  • Erasing temporary files
  • Cleaning the Safari offline list
  • Conclusions

iPhone users are often faced with a lack of memory on their gadgets. Usually it is known exactly what the smartphone is full, but also a lot of non-obvious files that cause the device to overflow. This article will look at how to free up space on the iPhone.

How to free up space on the iPhone (10 ways):

  • clearing the browser;
  • disabling photo streaming;
  • turning on Photo iCloud;
  • deleting apps;
  • online music;
  • deleting correspondence;
  • iOS update;
  • deleting screenshots;
  • erasing temporary files;
  • clearing Safari offline list.

Browser Cleanup.

The iPhone web browser over time overflows your device with browsing history and site data, which you should periodically delete.

  • Open Settings → Safari.
  • Click “Clear history and site data”.
  • Safari story

You can clear up to 500-1,000MB of junk in this way every month.

Deactivating photostream

Photo Stream service synchronizes the last 1,000 photos between your devices from your media library. If you run out of memory you should turn this technology off.

  • Open “Settings” → “iCloud” → “Photos”.
  • Deactivate “Upload to My Photo Stream” toggle switch.
  • Disabling Photo Streaming

Enabling iCloud Photos.

This feature synchronizes content to the cloud from all connected devices – media files are fully uploaded to the storage. This allows you not to save the original files in the memory of your iPhone or iPad.

  • Go to “Settings” → “iCloud” → “Photos”.
  • Activate the “iCloud Photo” toggle switch.
  • Turn on “Storage Optimization.”
  • Turn on iCloud photo

Deleting apps

Over time, some apps become irrelevant or unneeded, so you need to uninstall them.

  • Select “Main” → “Statistics” → “Storage” in the settings.
  • Select the unnecessary object
  • → “Delete program”.
  • Storage App Note: This also displays the amount of memory that the program data is taking up.

Online Music

It is not necessary to download and store music on the gadget – the tracks available in the cloud are played through iTunes, so you can delete them from the device memory. You can also use alternative streaming services: Yandex.Music, Deezer (more about this in the article “Applications for listening to music”).

Deleting messages.

iMessage conversations that contain multimedia files take up a lot of memory space. Over time, you may want to delete them.

  • Open Messages.
  • Swipe to the left on the desired conversation
  • → “Delete”. iMessage

Updating iOS

Over time, updates are released to the OS that improve the stability, security, and speed of the gadget, as well as clean up the garbage.

Please note! An update downloaded but not installed also takes up memory space.

  • Go to “Settings” → “General”.
  • Click on “Software Update”.
  • Update iOS

If there are updates available, iOS will install them.

Deleting screenshots.


The screenshot feature is quite popular. The size of screenshots in the memory of the gadget is from 200 KB. Over time, the need for them disappears, so they need to be deleted. Screeny, a program that works on the iPhone and iPad, will help. It recognizes screen shots and deletes them.

Erasing temporary files.

PhoneExpander .

After uninstalling some programs there are temporary files that need to be deleted. The PhoneExpander app will help with this.

It is a free utility that cleans your iPhone, iPod and iPad of junk data and frees up a lot of memory.

Clearing Safari offline list

Safari’s delayed reading feature takes up memory. It causes the cache to fill up to 2-3GB, so you need to clean it.

  • In the settings, go to “Basic” → “Statistics” → “Storage”.
  • Choose “Safari” → “Change” → delete offline list.
  • Offline list


To clear the memory on your iPhone, iPad or iPod, you need to optimize your programs through deleting junk files and clearing the cache. Next, you need to delete outdated media files and use cloud storage, and check for OS updates.

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