Can I Buy an iPhone With Non-Functional Face ID

Can I Buy an iPhone With Non-Functional Face ID

Can I buy an iPhone with non-functional Face ID


You’ve probably noticed that small online stores offer iPhones with non-functioning NFC, Touch ID or Face ID for a very low price – this is the most attractive point here. It would seem that with such a small disadvantage it is quite possible to put up with. But everything is not so simple in this story and you need to know all the nuances before buying such a smartphone. In this article we will tell you in which cases it is acceptable to buy such a smartphone, which is worth to look closely so as not to waste money, and what options are still worth considering if you want to buy an inexpensive iPhone.

Is it worth getting a smartphone with broken Face ID?

Why isn’t Face ID working on your iPhone?

Face ID is a very complex identification system and therefore very capricious. There may be many reasons why there are so many offers on the market of inexpensive iPhones with non-functional Face ID module. The main reasons: external mechanical impact on the Face ID sensors, replacement of the display module or camera repair by completely replacing all sensors.

Face ID is a very complex sensor and a simple replacement will not do

If you see an iPhone like this, it’s probably a refurbished one. But not officially, like Apple does. Yes, it will work, but after a while problems of different nature begin to occur. Such smartphones, most likely, are repaired in artisanal conditions and there is no warranty. Often such devices are a hodgepodge – they are restored from various spare parts, and of poor quality. Such smartphones at one time were drowned, broken, so the workshops skillfully disguise the defects so that the iPhone would turn on and work for a while. Learn about other pitfalls of buying an iPhone in our Yandex.Zen – we tell you about the tips we use ourselves.

One way to repair Face ID

Replacing the display and Face ID on your iPhone can cost a pretty penny

One of the reasons these smartphones don’t work with Face ID is because a non-original display is installed. The display module and Face ID are inextricably linked, as was the case with Touch ID – you can’t just install a new one to keep using your phone. To check the display for originality, go to iPhone Settings, select “Basic,” tap “About This Device.” Scroll down the screen, in case the display has been replaced with a non-original one, you’ll see the message, “Cannot verify the authenticity of the Apple display in this iPhone.”

You can also check the display for authenticity with Haptic Touch or True Tone – it’s likely that the features simply won’t work on an iPhone with such a screen.

Can you buy an iPhone with broken Face ID?

You can live without Face ID, as an iPhone doesn’t turn into a brick. If you are offered such a smartphone for a very low price, and outwardly there is no suggestion that it has been restored in artisanal conditions, you can try to buy it. Most likely, such an iPhone just landed unluckily on a concrete floor. But remember, without a Face ID scanner, your smartphone will become less secure – you will have to enter your password, and this is not only inconvenient, but also insecure.

How to buy an inexpensive iPhone

If you do set out to buy an inexpensive iPhone, you don’t want to be self-harming. There is a great option – it is to buy a refurbished iPhone. Such smartphones are sold in large chains and official stores. There is nothing wrong with buying such a device – they are officially restored by Apple, in fact, selling a new phone at a low price. In such an iPhone put a new body, a new screen, battery and other components – all parts are 100% original. Such a device comes with brand new accessories. At one time I purchased such an iPhone and I can tell you that it was a great bargain at an adequate price. This option is the golden mean when buying an inexpensive iPhone.

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