Apple Unveiled a Temporary Unlimited iCloud and iCloud+ Service

Apple Unveiled a Temporary Unlimited iCloud and iCloud+ Service

Users have long accused Apple of forgetting about iCloud. The main complaint was that the company did not want to increase its free space in the cloud by 2 or 3 times, offering only 5 GB, as it did 10 years ago when the volumes were completely different. It wasn’t hard to see why Cupertino was in no hurry to follow up with users. The company has only encouraged users to sign up for paid subscriptions. But this year, it decided to give in a bit and offered iCloud users a number of amazingly convenient features.

iCloud+ is a new service available to paid iCloud subscribers

The key new feature of iCloud, which will be available to all users without exception, even if they don’t have a paid subscription, is a temporary cloud unlimited. Sounds a little strange, I agree. But, it’s worth figuring out, and it all becomes abundantly clear.

How to get unlimited access on iCloud

You probably know that transferring data from device to device directly is not always possible. So users who want to move from one iPhone to another are forced to transfer some information via iCloud, and some by other means. After all, you’re not going to sign up for a 2TB subscription, are you?

Now iCloud will not only be temporarily unlimited, but also more secure

Because you can’t subscribe to it for one day anyway, and the smaller volume that comes before that gradation is only 200 GB. So Apple had to either expand its range of plans or offer something else. It chose the second option.

With the release of iOS 15, users who want to switch devices will get unlimited volume in iCloud to transfer all their data. This volume will be valid for three weeks from the date of purchase and linking the new device to the account.

In principle, the decision is very sensible and logical. After all, on the one hand, Apple didn’t have to increase the free capacity for everyone, and on the other, it solved the problem of data transfer for those who really need it.

But that’s not all. For paying subscribers, Apple has launched an iCloud+ service. No, this is not a separate service, but a kind of add-on that focuses on user security.

What is iCloud+

iCloud+ protection will operate at the system level in different apps

iCloud+ offers the following features:

  • Email address hiding
  • Traffic encryption (effectively VPN)
  • Unlimited video from HomeKit cameras

But if unlimited storage for security cameras is a pretty specific thing, then the other two services offered by iCloud+ will be useful to everyone without exception.

Traffic encryption is essentially a VPN. This function works only when using Safari. Thanks to it, all the data is sent in a protected form and can not be read neither by the mobile operator, nor by Apple itself. The only people who can monitor the traffic is the user himself, who sends it, and the site that receives it.

The entire data packet is run through two relays. The first assigns the user an anonymous IP address that corresponds to the region in which they are located, but is not tied to their actual location. And the second decrypts the web address that the user goes to. This separation provides effective protection for sensitive data without the risk of disclosure.

Hide My Email, previously available only through Apple Sign In, is now built into Safari, iCloud settings and the Mail app by default. It allows users to hide their real email addresses, thereby protecting their real contacts from unwanted users or organizations.

Now every time you message someone in the mail or enter your authorization information on websites, iOS algorithms will detect this and prompt you to replace your real email address with a random one. iCloud will generate a random address consisting of a set of unique characters and provide it to the recipient. How cool is that?

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