Amazon Launched a System to Track Delivery Drivers Using AI Cameras

Amazon Launched a System to Track Delivery Drivers Using AI Cameras

Amazon launched a system to track delivery drivers using AI cameras

Amazon has leveraged artificial intelligence-based cameras to determine the performance of delivery drivers. This was reported by The Information.

According to the media, the company installed four cameras in each truck. They are able to both recognize traffic violations and read facial expressions and gestures of the drivers.

Algorithms use information from the cameras to rate drivers. The system deducts one penalty point for each violation. However, if a gross violation of traffic rules is detected, such as driving through a red traffic light or ignoring the “STOP” sign, the rating will lose 10 points at once.

At the end of each week the company sends out scorecards to the couriers. Drivers with high scores will get a bonus, drivers with low scores will get fines, and too bad scores can be grounds for dismissal.

Some drivers felt the system violated their privacy rights and quit. The remaining couriers have expressed dissatisfaction with the system’s accuracy. For example, vibrating a smartphone or driving on a bad road could be perceived by the system as a call during work hours.

According to drivers, Amazon has also tightened its rating requirements. Initially it averaged 550 points, then it was raised to 700.

In a comment for Business Insider, an Amazon spokesman said the camera system has improved driver safety.

“We have tested this technology on more than two million miles of delivery routes, and the results have resulted in significant safety improvements,” the company said.

They said the surveillance system resulted in a 48 percent decrease in accidents, a 20 percent decrease in ignoring the stop sign, a 60 percent increase in drivers buckling up, and a 45 percent decrease in distracted driving.

To recap, in March it was revealed that Amazon was forcing delivery drivers to sign a permit to be tracked in the car.

In May, the company extended a moratorium on the use of facial recognition technology for the police indefinitely.

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