What Is Bixby Vision and What Does It Do?

What Is Bixby Vision and What Does It Do?

Bixby Vision


  • What is Bixby Vision and how to use it?
  • Bixby vision framework what is it?
  • How to download and turn it on?
  • How to disable or uninstall?

What is Bixby Vision and how do I use it?

Bixby Vision is an assistant feature that allows you to create additional reality. Using your smartphone’s camera can help you recognize and identify different objects. With Bixby Vision, you can get detailed information about anything that will be in the focus of your smartphone camera.

On the latest smartphone models, you can press the Bixby Vision button on the gadget’s screen when you turn on the camera. Once the device’s camera is launched, you need to point and focus it on the desired object and then press the app’s power button. Bixby will now provide all available information about the subject.

Bixby vision framework what is it?

The Bixby Vision Framework is the main body of the bixby vision app. This file allows the program to run on your device. In this folder the necessary information is installed which is necessary for the correct work of the program. As well as all the functionality of bixby vision.

How do I download and enable it?

On smartphones of the S8 brand and above, the Bixby Vision feature is pre-installed, the user does not need to download the program additionally. If the application is not installed on the device, and the function is needed, it is worth downloading Bixby Vision separately, using the browser. After downloading, you need to run the downloaded file on your smartphone, and the application will be installed. To turn on Bixby Vision is not difficult, just open the camera and the desired button will appear on the screen.

How to disable or uninstall?

For those smartphones on which Bixby Vision is pre-installed, you can’t uninstall the app yourself. You can try to disable Bixby Vision in the settings of the device. To do this, go to settings – storage – system applications and in the drop-down list select the desired one. Then open it and, if available, click on the “Disable” button. If this button is missing, you can not disable the application.

If Bixby Vision was installed separately, you can remove it. To do this, go to the menu of the device – storage. In the list that appears, select the Bixby Vision application, open it and click “Delete”. After this, the application will be removed from the smartphone.

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