AMD Praises Apple’s M1 Chip, but Has Its Own Competitive Roadmap

AMD Praises Apple’s M1 Chip, but Has Its Own Competitive Roadmap

AMD praises Apple’s M1 chip, but has its own competitive roadmap

In a recent interview, AMD’s senior vice president of product management David McAfee praised the Apple M1 processor. This chip stunned everyone when it was released, offering a new level of performance that the industry didn’t expect.

David McAfee acknowledged that the Apple M1 processor not only offers high single-threaded performance, but is so fast that it is often on par with the company’s new Zen 3 architecture-based processors. And that’s a pretty serious statement for a competing chip maker.

David McAfee also says that the most significant innovation in Apple’s M1 processor lineup is the increased battery life and improved power efficiency, which is on a completely different level compared to today’s x86 processors.

This is “Legacy of the cell phone industry and a sort of carry-over into the PC space from cell phone design methodology.”

“What Apple has done is they have taken a different approach to chip design. Their approach is something that provides high single-threaded CPU performance similar to the Zen 3 series processors,” he noted.

But at the same time, David McAfee said his company has a very competitive roadmap to counter what Apple is doing. There are two interesting points in that statement. First, AMD is positioning its roadmap against Apple, not its old rival Intel. Second, AMD will target its future Zen architecture solutions against Apple X processors), prioritizing higher single-core performance and efficiency.

AMD praised the Apple M1 chip, but has its own competitive roadmap

That said, he doesn’t think “what Apple has done will fundamentally change AMD’s strategy.”

AMD is leading the way in the areas of performance, energy efficiency and manufacturing technology. We can continue to do that despite any moves that Intel or Apple might make…we will end up in a very strong competitive position.”

Source: wccftech

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