Six Popular Electronics And Communication Engineering Subjects

Six Popular Electronics And Communication Engineering Subjects

Today, there are so many options in which candidates can complete the engineering degree. In comparison to earlier days 5 or 6 specific engineering courses, now we have about 40 different types of engineering branches. Of several new specializations, the most essential are mechatronics and electronics and instrumentation courses. These two fields have created havoc in electronics and mechanical industry since few years.

Engineering can be defined as the art of solving real time problems by using the maths, science and environmental concepts. Some engineering jobs provide decent amount of money while others earn very handsome profits. Just by completing 4-years successfully in a decent engineering institute, a candidate can acquire a well-paid job. If we talk about a 4-year academic plan for the engineering degree, the first year of all engineering branches explains same about subjects. And in the next 3 years, students learn particular subjects related to their respective engineering branches through best college in punjab. Get to know about five specific subjects of electronic and communication branch by reading this article.

Subjects Under 4-Year Electronics and Communication Engineering Course

Digital Electronics – By the term digital we mean 0 or 1. And by electronics, we mean sources that work with the help of electricity. Therefore, complete digital electronics mean study of electric sources by analyzing the signals in 0 and 1. This engineering subject focuses more on logic gates, flip-flops, counters and shift registers. Students learn about the internal structure of these logic gates. That is they understand bipolar and field effect and CMOS transistors. It is important to realize that this is one of the core subjects of electronics and communication degree.

Electronic Devices and Circuits – this subject was earlier known by Analog devices and circuits. In this subject, a student gets complete knowledge about various electronic components. He/she gets to know that which materials are used for designing specific electronic devices. How do these internal materials work? Students know about differences between analog and digital devices. These electronics devices are employed in massive manufacturing and development projects. With advances in technology, more and more electronic and digital components are being used for enhancing comforts in life.

Communication System – Besides electronics part, this 4-year engineering course put another 50% stress on communication part. Communication, the way of interconnection has become an essential thing of life. In comparison to earlier radios, satellites and T.V s, now we have a vast number of communication medium. Due to the availability of social media platforms, we can know about every activity of any human being. And that too within a very short amount of time. This subject is categorized into three modules

  • Analog communication system
  • Digital communication system
  • Wireless communication system
  • Candidates get in-depth knowledge about fantastic GSM, CDMA, SMPS and various multiplexing concepts by studying these modules. Also, students learn about other communication mediums in this engineering subject.

Computer Networks-The well-known communication reaches to enhanced levels by implementing the concepts of this electronic and communication subject. In this subject, the student first gets knowledge about different networking mediums. Then they are acknowledged with configuration and topologies of these mediums. If candidates want to find decent networking jobs, they need to complete various CCNA courses. Institutions offer different computer networking certifications to students. Companies come up with smaller programs for completing different recognized certifications. Most essential concepts of this subject are

  • Open System Interconnection Layer
  • Networking standards and protocols
  • Analysis of router, hubs and switches

Electro-Magnet Field Theory– This engineering subject specifically focuses on electromagnetic waves. By electromagnetic waves, we mean the waves that travel perpendicular to electronic and magnet field. It is essential to note that these e-m waves are used in all amplification and oscillating devices. These waves travel with the velocity of light i.e. 3*10^8 meters per second. Students develop the mental knowledge by understanding derivations of various electromagnetic topics. This is one of the toughest subjects of complete electronics and communication engineering course.

Signal and Systems – Another popular subject of electronics and communication engineering branch is signal and systems. By the term signal, we mean any quantity that changes with time. And a system is defined as a component that produces the specific output in response to a particular input. Most common signals are light, sound and power. Different signal and systems concepts are used in ASP ( Analog System Processing) and DSP( Digital System Processing) concepts.


Although various institutes have produced changes in electronics and communication engineering courses some ECE subjects, have remained same over the years. Digital Electronics explain about devices that only deal with 0 and 1. The vast communication system is divided into analog communication, digital communication and wireless communication. Computer Networks specifically focuses on open system interconnection model, networking standards and IP concepts. The concepts of signals and systems are used in developing the architecture of ASP and DSP components.

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