Paid and Free VPN Services: What to Choose?

Paid and Free VPN Services: What to Choose?


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  • Windscribe VPN
  • TunnelBear VPN
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  • Paid VPN Services
  • ExpressVPN
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With the strengthening of Internet censorship among ordinary users is increasing the need for anonymity. VPN-services which are able to get access to any resource reliably hiding location information and personal data of users serve this purpose. VPN technology consists in providing one or more Internet connections over another network to connect to accessible servers in different parts of the world and, by changing the IP address, access blocked sites.

We will not dwell on the technical part, if you want to know more about the technology, we recommend you to read this site. Here we’ll talk directly about choosing a VPN provider, consider how the paid ones differ from the free ones, and give examples of the best applications on the market from both categories.

Free VPN Services

Before we move on to specific applications, let’s dwell on the peculiarities of free services. It is worth mentioning that hosting servers in different locations around the world is not a cheap pleasure, so if you decide to save money, you should be prepared for some inconveniences. First, the free applications will broadcast ads, because the cost of providing a VPN connection must be covered.

Secondly, most services limit the functionality and make the monthly traffic fixed. Therefore, you won’t be able to browse streaming resources or download torrent files. Now to specific examples – here is a list of applications that have proven themselves to be the best among users.

Hotspot Shield

The user gets 15 GB of traffic per month with a usage limit of 500 MB per day. The amount of ads is sometimes off the charts, and unfortunately, it is impossible to skip them. There is no exact guarantee of privacy and security of personal data here, as well as servers in Russia. Netflix and some other streaming resources are not available in the free version.

But there are positive aspects, for example, Hotspot Shield VPN has one of the highest speeds, many servers in other countries. Technical support works quickly, helping users to solve problems. The service uses a reliable 256-bit encryption – this key is impossible to crack due to its length and the many possible combinations, even a supercomputer to do it would take millions of years. In addition, Hotspot Shield does not store logs of visits and has a useful option to disconnect from the network in an emergency.

Windscribe VPN

One of the pluses of this app is the ability to connect multiple devices to one account, and there is no need to look for other services for your smartphone or tablet. Each month, the user gets 10 GB of traffic and the same amount of available servers to connect.

No intrusive ads thanks to the built-in blocker feature. There is a ban on logging, that is, the provider can not get data about the history of visits – only the technical information. There is support for torrents.

Of the disadvantages, again, the lack of servers in Russia and no access to streaming services like Netflix. Also, there is no technical support for clients, and therefore deal with the difficulties encountered will have to deal with themselves.

TunnelBear VPN

Gives access to more than 20 servers around the world, allowing you to choose less of a burden and take advantage of good download speeds. It uses the above-mentioned 256-bit encryption, which securely protects the user’s personal information and browsing history.

There are applications for mobile platforms and the ability to connect multiple devices to one account. The absence of advertising and built-in IP and DNS leak prevention technologies are other pleasant bonuses.

And now for the bad news – for a month the application gives out a limit of only 500 MB, and this is enough only for web browsing. Since there is no streaming, you can’t download torrents. VPN

The service has applications for major popular platforms, downloads torrents on non-US servers and provides 24/7 user support in chat. There’s a built-in blocker that gets rid of intrusive online ads, and it’s also possible to add a single device to your account.

Monthly customers get 2 GB of traffic, more than in the previous application, but this is enough only for a couple of hours of watching video in good quality. The company has no servers in Russia, there are only 5 points for a user’s choice to connect.

Paid VPN-services

These applications provide reliable data protection, thanks to modern encryption technology. They have no traffic limits and can be used for commercial purposes.


Provides an opportunity to try the application for 30 days for free, and if you do not like it – then, as in the previous case – there is a full money-back guarantee. 24/7 responsive tech support in the chat room. You can connect up to 5 devices to your account without worrying about privacy, thanks to 256-bit military-grade encryption (because it’s very difficult to crack a key of this length).

There are more than 3000 servers in 90 countries around the world, which provide a high and stable connection speed. The application works even in China, where there are strict internet censorship, so if you are going on a trip and do not want to lose access to the usual messengers and social networks, ExpressVPN will solve the problem of access. Provides access to streaming services and data streaming.

Naturally, there are no traffic restrictions and total prohibition on storing logs (the provider will not be able to get detailed information about your visits).


You can purchase a 30-day subscription, and if you don’t want to continue using it, you get your money back. There is a 24-hour customer chat for solving problems. It is possible to connect multiple devices to one account, supports major operating systems.

Unlimited traffic, streaming using torrents, always a high connection speed. There is ad blocking and malware protection. Data protection technology is provided thanks to 256-bit encryption, a policy of complete log banning and a guarantee of privacy in the network.


The choice of application is always up to the user, and if the free services cover your needs, there is probably no point in purchasing a subscription. But if you want to make full use of your favorite resources, download data, and shop online without fear, consider a reliable paid app.

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