How To Read Whatsapp, Knowing The Phone Number

How To Read Someone Else's Whatsapp, Knowing The Phone Number

Hacking person’s WhatsApp can be for a variety of reasons. First, the jealousy of one person to another. This often happens when the husband does not trust his wife and thinks that she has formed a lover, and vice versa, when a woman does not believe that his husband is faithful to her.

Second, it can be simple interest. A person is curious to know what his friend’s private life is hiding, what he lives and how he breathes. Thirdly, parents may want to know with whom their child communicates, how he talks to other people. Also correspondence in whatsapa may hide some important information for the other person, whether it’s a secret code or a necessary message.

Table of Contents

  • How to hack WhatsApp without access to the phone
  • How to intercept correspondence and send it to e-mail
  • How to read someone else’s WhatsApp, knowing the phone number
  • How to tie someone else’s WhatsApp to your phone
  • Is it worth using the services of special hacking services
  • The consequences of unauthorized access to other people’s correspondence

How to hack WhatsApp without access to the phone

It is worth noting that the motives for reading other people’s correspondence are very, very many. The problem arises when a person realizes that he does not have any access to the other person’s phone, that he can not just take and read the correspondence, because there is no contact to the phone, and asking and stealing is not an option at all.

In such cases come different methods, which we will talk about next. Depending on how the user has the operating system on his phone, whether he has access to a computer – all this determines the further choice. So what are some ways to hack a social network without access to the main phone?

On Android.

As a rule, it is quite difficult to bypass the social network system through Android, so to help in such cases come all kinds of applications, which are downloaded in a few clicks through the official source of Play Market.

The advantage of such methods is that half of the user’s actions are performed by the program. This is convenient for those who do not understand the system of their phone and do not know what functions can be used to hack it.

The disadvantage of this method is that it will be necessary to copy the code from the phone which will be hacked. This has to be done quickly enough, because the “victim” can think in a few seconds where his phone is.

That is why this method is also considered partially “no access”, since the person’s phone will still be needed, even if only for a few seconds.

There is a special program called Whatscan for WhatsApp. This program is available on the official sources on all Android.

You just need to install it and follow the instructions that the system offers. The algorithm is simple:

After downloading the program and logging in, a code will appear on the user’s screen, which must be scanned through the WhatsApp app on a friend’s phone; As the scanning happens, the user automatically has access to all the correspondence of the “victim”.

On iPhone

The program described above is not available on the iPhone, but there is another one – “WhatsApp spy” – mSpy. This application is also available on the homepage, it is paid. But there is a plus – the user does not need to find workarounds to quickly see the correspondence of a friend, husband or child.

The action of this program is completely similar to that discussed earlier in the Android section, so it is not worth repeating.

It is worth noting that this system works well, but on iPhones is quite powerful and good security mode, which can block the actions of the user. This is worth keeping in mind before you install the program and take the risk.

Despite this, there are people who use this method. They have a fairly simple and fast way to get access to other people’s communications in a few seconds by simply scanning a code.

Via computer

This method is probably one of the easiest, all because you just need a web version of the application. All actions are performed through any browser, so the user should check in advance if he has access to the Internet.

Pay attention! Without the Internet nothing will work.

The user will also need a PC with access to Google Chrome, the subscriber’s cell phone, which in the future is preferred to hack, as well as a few minutes of free time.

Everything is simple enough if you stick to the following algorithm:
Go from watsapp to the site web. whatsapp. com. This site is the official version of the application, only available on any of the PCs;
After that, from the smartphone of the so-called victim, go to watsapp, and then to “Chats”. Through chats go to the menu and open the last option virtual watsap;image
Next, you just need to point the camera to the barcode, which is available on the site, and rejoice that the user now has the ability to read all correspondence directly through the monitor screen.

This method, although considered half-accessless, is still a great option when there are only a few seconds to connect and sync Watsap and the computer.

This method can even be used easily and easily when you urgently need to log in to your own WhatsApp. If the user only has the application, and it is necessary to display all the information on the computer.

This method has many disadvantages, such as:

This functionality does not work on iOS phones;

A person can notice that his device is connected to the network via PC, as it is displayed in the application; The user will be online when he tries to read someone else’s correspondence.

These disadvantages make this method quite controversial. You can see more about this method in this video

It is up to the user to choose a method that is convenient for him. It is enough just to choose the convenience and what result and by what means the person wants to achieve his goal.

How to intercept correspondence and send it to the mail

This technique is considered quite complicated and sophisticated due to the fact that it assumes that the hacker has email. The most convenient thing is that this method is suitable for almost all operating systems, including iOS and Android.

First, the user needs to open a messenger on his application, and then go to the “Chats” tab.

In it, you need to select the chat that you want to watch. Simply slide the found chat to the left. In front of the user opens a toggle switch, in which we click on the button “More”.

A menu opens in which you can do things like clear the chat, send it by email and so on. Click on the item “Send by E-mail”. After that, choose the option that is more convenient (either with all media files, or without them).

After that, enter the e-mail address to which you would like to transfer other people’s correspondence. Specify your e-mail, otherwise all the action makes no sense. Then click on the button “Send” and that’s it! The correspondence is sent from one device to another.

This method also has a huge number of disadvantages, including the presence of a normal and stable internet, and the lack of e-mail and much more. Despite this, this method is often used, because it is easy enough to perform and allows you to read all correspondence, even without online – mode.

How to read someone else’s WhatsApp, knowing the phone number

To read someone else’s messenger and chats in it really is possible even when you only know the phone number. To do this, you need to hack WhatsApp by creating a copy of the desired account.

It is worth noting that this method is illegal and is liable. The user must know what he is doing, what it can lead to, before doing any action with other people’s data.

A detailed method of hacking another user’s WhatsApp will not be described in this article in order to avoid responsibility for the actions that the user will take in the future. All the detailed steps and methods of how it is done can be seen in this video

We should remember that this method can be called a one-time solution. This is because the user receives information about the dialogs, but it will not be updated. If a person wants to get updated information, you need to use the methods described above.

How to tie someone else’s WhatsApp to your phone

To tie someone else’s WhatsApp to your phone, you need to know two things: the person’s phone number, and to have some access to his device in order to see what numbers came to him in a text message.

First, you need to download the application to your device through the official source – Play Market.

The installation is fast enough. This method is also applicable to iPhones, as it has such a messenger. How to read someone else’s WhatsApp, knowing the phone number After successfully downloading and entering it, the user needs to click on the “Login” button. A window will open, where it is necessary to confirm the phone number. It is clear that the user enters the cell phone number of the person whose correspondence he is going to hack. Next, an important point is to distract the victim by any means and look at the numbers that came in to confirm the number.

Pay attention! After such actions, it is recommended to delete the message, so that the victim does not see that something was done to his phone. Then a person enters the numbers he memorized in the message, thereby automatically confirming the phone number.

In this way, it is easy and simple to tie someone else’s WhatsApp. Of course, the method has specific disadvantages and requires a person’s manual dexterity and quick movements, but this method really works. In fact, the hacker simply logs into WhatsApp, only through another phone.

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