How To Do Smartphone Screen Output via Computer

How To Do Smartphone Screen Output via Computer

Table of Contents

  • Preparing your smartphone
  • Outputting through a browser
  • Using applications
  • Apowersoft Phone Manager
  • [email protected]
  • MyPhoneExplorer
  • Output from a Windows Phone device
  • Summary

Viewing videos or images from smartphones is more convenient on larger monitors. It’s easy to do – just stream content from your gadget to your display. Below we’ll look at methods how to display the phone screen on the computer via USB. There are several options for displaying the contents of the device.

Preparing your smartphone

You can transfer the screen from the phone to the Android OS in several ways. But before that, you need to prepare your device.

  • Go to settings and select About your phone.
  • Press 7 times on the build or firmware version until the notification to enter developer mode appears.
  • In the special features section select the item for developers.debugging via usb
  • Allow “USB debugging” by checking the appropriate option. Finish by rebooting the gadget.

In some cases debugging may not be available. This is due to low-quality or non-original cable, which is used to output the picture.

To output the smartphone screen you need to use a special utility that is installed in your computer’s browser.

Output via a browser

To control an Android phone from a computer when the screen is broken, a browser is often used. It replaces the need to download third-party apps and makes it as easy as possible to start streaming video.

Chrome Viewer

Please note! Google Chrome is required for operation.

Next, you need to configure your browser

  • In Chrome, go to the app store → find the utility “Chrome Vysor”
  • Click on it and install
  • Connect your phone via cable.
  • Run the utility → click the gadget search icon.
  • It will then generate a list of available for devices on the browser
  • Select the desired device and confirm the debugging.
  • Save the debugging, so that you do not constantly enter the password in the future.

After that, the program will be able to transfer the screen of the gadget to the monitor by itself and give access to it. Notably, you can display the image, control the display and perform other functions.

Please note! When you start the utility, you will be prompted to take a tutorial and familiarize yourself with the settings. You can opt out by simply skipping the step.

Using apps

If you need to synchronize the phone screen with the computer, you can use one of the programs offered by the developers. There are a lot of them on the Internet, each of them has its own method of operation and connection.
Tip: It is best to use proven applications that really work. For this purpose, it is useful to read the reviews of other users and download programs only from official websites.

Here are a few programs to broadcast content to your monitor.

Apowersoft Phone Manager

This tool is suitable for those who have broken the phone screen and do not know how to connect their gadget to the computer. It not only transfers data, but also restores content, manages files and much more.

The program displays the display of smartphones on Android, iOS. It gives you the ability to take screenshots and record clips with sound.

How to see the screen of your smartphone

  • Download the program and install it.
  • Connect your phone via usb and open the application.
  • In the left pane you will see the screen of your smartphone in real time.

With this utility, managing your screen will be easy and simple. You can stretch it to the full diagonal, make it bigger or smaller.

The program helps to manage your phone with a broken screen from your computer. The tool is easy to use, can be freely downloaded. But, along with that, you have to try hard to use it properly.

  • Download the Android SDK Tool on your computer.
  • Android SDK Tool program
  • Install the Droid @.program droid Install the latest version of Java.
  • Run the [email protected] screen installer
  • Next, type in the command line of your computer address adb.exe: C:\Users\your account name\AppData\Local\Android\android-sdk/platform-tools\adb.exe.
  • Press Enter.
  • Connect your smartphone to your computer with the cord.

You will have to run two different utilities to display and control your phone screen. Also, a problem may arise when entering the address in the search bar, as non-technical users will find it difficult to do so.

The app is a mirror of sorts and does not give you any more functions other than connecting and displaying the screen.


This is a universal application for displaying your phone screen on your computer. It does not require any additional knowledge to work and is quick to install.

  • Download the program to your computer and open the utility.
  • MyPhoneExplorer for PC Select the connection type.
  • Once connected, select the option to display a screenshot in the settings.

With this program you can control your smartphone and even display the keyboard.

Another of its features is the use of the mouse cursor. But how effective this feature is, it’s up to you to decide.

Output from a Windows Phone device

For Windows Phone 8.1 smartphones, it’s a little easier to display a picture. If you are using a computer with Windows 7 or later, you need to do the following:

  • On your computer, install the official “Screen Projector” program.
  • Connect your phone using USB.
  • Confirm permission for the app to work with your smartphone.

You can then connect the screen to view its contents.


To transfer the smartphone screen to the computer, special applications or plugins in the browser are used. Utilities will help you quickly set up a broadcast of content and manage it.

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