Catch Cheaters Texting: Best 10 Keyboard Spy Apps

Catch Cheaters Texting: Best Keyboard Spy Apps


Table of Contents

  • What is keylogger and why do I need it?
  • Features of choice
  • Best keyloggers: Top 10 programs
  • SC-KeyLog
  • WideStep Handy Keylogger
  • Actual Spy
  • EliteKeylogger
  • The Rat!
  • Ardamax
  • Keylogger 2.9
  • NS Keylogger Personal Monitor 3.8
  • KGB Spy
  • Golden Keylogger 1.32
  • Conclusion

Programs to keep track of a person’s activities at the computer may be needed by everyone. So, there are many different spy programs. Most often they are used when more than one person is sitting at the computer. In this article, we will talk about one type of spyware – keyboard spy. Let’s analyze why you need such hardware and what is the best one to install for home use.

What is keylogger and why do I need it?

Keyboard spy – keylogger is a generic name for programs that record everything typed from a computer keyboard in any program or network. The program indicates the time and program of the recording, so it is easy to determine what text went where.

It’s not uncommon for parents to install such software to keep track of whether a child has typed a report on the keyboard or corresponded on the Internet.

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Also, if you’re using a computer with your significant other, spyware is a way to see if they’re cheating. If it’s a computer at work, a keyboard spy is a way to see if someone has been poking around in your documents, if someone else has changed something in your settings, and so on.

The program is not directly connected with the keyboard. It is installed in the computer’s memory. Often the fact that such a program is on your PC, is not visible to the user, only if he does not start looking for a program on purpose.

Peculiarities of choice

Considering the installation of such a program, it is worth knowing that some utilities show everything that has been written on the keyboard. Others, however, record information only from the browser or one application that the user chooses.

In addition, there are utilities with flexible settings, where you can connect and disconnect the recording, and there are those in which it is impossible to adjust.

Keyboard tracking programs differ from each other in how open they are to the user. The simpler options are obvious, because their activity saves the recording file on the desktop, where it is difficult not to notice it. They are suitable for controlling small children.

Other utilities work covertly and the recording is saved in a secret folder or sent to the user’s email. Such utilities are needed so that the fact of surveillance remains unnoticed. They are installed to control teenagers or to make sure your files on the work computer are safe.

There are paid utilities, which have a broader functionality, as well as free versions. Considering how many manufacturers there are of such software, and how many indicators you need to consider before installing the program, the choice seems very difficult.

Best Keyboard Spyware: Top 10 Programs

There is no one-size-fits-all option, which keyboard spy will be the best. After all, everyone’s situation is different, different settings are needed. In addition, there are people who need such software with extensive features so much that they are willing to buy it, and there are those who want a simple program for free. Below is a list of good programs that meet the requirements for recording scores from the keyboard, but differ in features and availability. Everyone will be able to choose a software to their needs.


This is a great keyboard tracking program that has a lot of features. It is available for free and has good reviews from users. Those who have already installed such a software share that the keyboard data comes to the mail without interruption, and the subjects of tracking do not notice the utility at work.

In addition to the fact that the program records the keyboard, it also tracks mouse clicks on the site, passwords, etc. That is, the utility collects information on everything the user does on the computer.

Conveniently, the file with the recording can be viewed from any device remotely, because you can choose in the settings to form the data into a letter and send it by email.

Pros of

  • The way the program works is not visible to the user.
  • It sends a file and it can be viewed from another device.
  • Collects all the data about the user.


  • Poor password retention, this feature does not work above NT0.
  • Uncomfortable interface, which can make it difficult to configure.
  • The data are displayed in an inconvenient format.
  • Takes a lot of space and may slow down your computer if it is not very powerful.

WideStep Handy Keylogger

The application has a free trial, and the manufacturer offers to buy the full version for $35. This is a very interesting program, for which it is not a pity to give money, if you are going to use these features.

The peculiarity of the program is that it can send data to the mail only at specified intervals, and not immediately after the recording file is generated. All functions work normally and stably, this is confirmed by the reviews of users. Many write that it is convenient and unobtrusive, and the data is collected in full.

Pros of

  • Collects different types of information, gets a complete picture of the user’s actions for a certain period.
  • Independent work that is not visible unless you specifically look for the keylogger among the installed programs.
  • Simple and intuitive interface, easy enough to use.


  • The paid version is very expensive for a non-professional program.
  • Recording files is inconvenient and sometimes hard to understand.

Actual Spy

This is a fairly sophisticated program, which has advanced functionality. It is paid – for 600 rubles you can get access to the full version. There is a free trial version.

The peculiarity of the program is that it takes screenshots of the screen at a time that was selected in advance. Otherwise, like previous keyloggers, it records everything the user does on the computer. It is quite inconspicuous and does not load up the computer too much, so it runs in the background mode without any problems.

It has a wide range of functions: it collects information on mouse clicks, typed data and opened programs. In addition, at a specified time, the utility takes a screenshot, unnoticed by the user.

Pros of

  • Wide functionality.
  • Records not only the action, but also the time when it was done.
  • It works invisibly to the user.
  • The log of entries that it gets, it encrypts and is hard to find or read when found.


  • Distributed for a fee, though reasonably priced.
  • It weighs a lot.


This is a fairly expensive program – you have to pay $70 for access to the paid version. However, this is the price for complete secrecy. It is not always found by special utilities and antivirus, and it is almost impossible to find without the program manually.

The program runs immediately as soon as you turn on your computer, which is very convenient if a person does not have access to a PC.

Pros of

  • Works stealthily, almost impossible to find.
  • Loads immediately as soon as the PC is turned on.
  • Tracks all keystrokes – even service keys.


  • Difficult to install on your own computer. Expensive.

The Rat!

A very popular program, but it is not free. It is possible to use the demo version for a few days.

The software itself is very simple and lightweight, but its advantage is that it remains invisible to the user and it is difficult to find, even with special programs and anti-viruses.

Pros of

  • Easy to use, while giving a stable operation and has a wide range of functionality.
  • It weighs very little.
  • Virtually impossible to detect.


  • Uncomfortable to look at the log, also the interface of the program is uncomfortable.

SPYGO keylogger

Used not as a tracking tool, but as a monitoring program, so it is very easy to find. There are several versions, each with different features and settings. It sends a report to email, except for screenshots, which the program takes periodically while it is running.

Pros of

  • Antivirus does not see it because it is considered a legitimate monitoring tool, so there will be no trouble with the antivirus offering to remove it and trying to block it during the next check.
  • In the database, you can search for phrases by keywords, which is convenient for monitoring.


  • Found with a simple search.
  • Difficult to understand the settings.
  • Not a very convenient format for viewing files.

Ardamax Keylogger 2.9

It is a very small and simple program that does not show its work through the taskbar or the dispatcher. It has a small feature set, but it is free, so it is excusable. In addition, it does not weigh much and takes up little system resources, so it does not slow down the computer as analogues with more functions.

An interesting feature as for a small free program – it records information either permanently or periodically, depending on the settings. And what’s also convenient is that it sends performance reports to email and you can view them from any device. By the way, the frequency of sending reports can also be specified in the settings of the program.

Pros of

  • Stable operation of the program.
  • Specifying the frequency of recording and sending reports in the settings.
  • Works stealthily.
  • Does not weigh much.
  • Easy to manage and configure.
  • Free of charge.


  • Little functionality.
  • Uncomfortable to control with hotkeys.

NS Keylogger Personal Monitor 3.8

Free program, which is very easy to manage, and it takes very little space on your computer. Functionality is modest, but the main task – recording information from the keyboard – it does a good job.

An additional advantage is that it works stealthily, it is not visible through the task manager, nor through the bottom panel.

Pros of

  • Easy to use and configure.
  • Takes up little space.
  • Stably records all the text that has been typed.
  • Doesn’t put much strain on or slow down your computer.


  • If you try hard – you can find it with antivirus and spyware programs.
  • Narrow functionality – only the main record.


The application is paid, inexpensive, works completely hidden, it is difficult to find even with a deliberate search. It is a fairly stable program with a user-friendly interface that records keyboard information and input time. However, this is where the program’s capabilities end. As a paid application, this is very little. The main reason to buy this software is that it is not easy to find, so the tracking will be unnoticeable.

Pros of

  • Stable work.
  • Hidden mode.
  • Easy to configure.
  • Collection of information from the keyboard and the time when it was entered.


  • Available for a fee and, as for a paid program, has few features

Golden Keylogger 1.32.

This is a small and simple utility that is free and has little functionality. It’s easy to find but it does the job of recording keyboard input and is a bit lightweight. It is most often installed for small children or to use the recording only a couple of times.

Pros of .

  • Low weight.
  • Works consistently and records keyboard activity.


  • You can’t send a report to the email.
  • It’s easy to find if you check your computer with antivirus.
  • Uncomfortable interface, which can lead to difficulties in settings.


Keyboard Spy is a very interesting program and sometimes just necessary. It is mainly bought by parents in order to monitor how their children spend their time on the Internet.

Often readers ask about the advisability of buying software that is not needed for work and which will not pay off later. In terms of logic, in order to use the program constantly, so that it does not fail, and the person being watched cannot turn it off himself, it is better to buy one of the paid versions. This is recommended for parents who are worried about what content their child is looking for on the Internet. For relatively little money, you will be confident in your child’s behavior.

If you need a keyboard spy for a couple of days, however, there is no point in installing something for a fee. You can try a free version of a good spy or choose one of the available alternatives.

Remember that modern technology makes our lives easier, but there are moral norms for their use. And to install a program that monitors the actions of a person on the keyboard is only possible out of good intentions or if it concerns your personal safety.

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