25 Telegram Tricks You Didn’t Know About

25 Telegram Tricks You Didn't Know About

As Telegram becomes more popular and people start abandoning WhatsApp en masse because of their privacy policy changes, I decided to write this article about 25 Telegram tricks and I think many of them you didn’t know before.


  • 1. Telegram text formatting
  • 2. Voice messages when you hold your phone to your ear
  • 3. delayed sending of messages
  • 4. Mark a conversation as unread
  • 5. Library of Gifs and Youtube
  • 6. Stickers
  • 7. View videos over other windows
  • 8. Time codes on video
  • 9. Grouping dialogs by folders
  • 10. Separate section for calls
  • 11. Cloud storage – favorites
  • 12. Use hashtags to organize your favorites
  • 13. Set reminders
  • 14. Quick clearing of favorites
  • 15. Pin chat
  • 16. Your own design theme
  • 17. Multiple accounts in one application
  • 18. Quick clearance of memory used by Telegram
  • 19. Secret menu
  • 20. Read the message without the sender noticing it
  • 21. You can disable network visibility
  • 22. Logging in to Telegram can be protected by code, Face ID and Touch ID
  • 23. Cloud password
  • 24. Secret chats and self-destructing messages
  • 25. Chat archive

Text formatting in Telegram

Telegram allows you to make text bold, underlined, italicized and strikethrough. To do this, type a message without sending it, select the desired piece of text and hold a tap on it.

After that, a menu will appear where you can select the text formatting you want.

Voice messages when you hold the phone to your ear

Telegram has a very handy feature for communicating via voice chats. When you’re inside a chat, you can simply hold your phone to your ear and a voice message will start recording, without the message being sent automatically.

Once you’ve recorded it, you’ll need to manually send it by pressing the arrow.

You can listen to voice messages in the same way. By default, voice messages are played through the phone’s speaker (external speaker). This is not convenient because everyone around you listens to messages addressed to you. If you go into a chat room and there are unheard voice messages, then, putting the smartphone to your ear, these messages will be produced on the speaker where you normally hear the other party, talking on the phone.

Delayed sending of messages

A great feature in Telegram, which is especially good if you use the messenger for work. For example, you need to send a message to a colleague at work, but you don’t want to disturb him on his day off, and you want him to get the message tomorrow when he gets to work.

You can write a message and simply do a delayed sending, setting the date and time at which you want your conversation partner to receive the message. To do this, after typing the message, tap the send button and a menu will appear in front of you, where you need to select “Send Later.”

You select it, and then you need to set the date and time to send the message.

After that, your message is added to the delayed sending, where you can change it at any time, postpone the date of sending or delete it altogether and cancel sending. In order to make any changes or see the scheduled messages, it is necessary to click on the icon with a clock, which is located in the message input field.

Here you can also choose to send a message without sound, in case you want to send it right now but don’t want to disturb the person. The interlocutor will receive the message, but there will be no sound or vibration.

Mark a dialog as unread

There is a situation when you receive an important message that you need to reply to, but you can’t do it now, but you have already opened it and read it. The problem is that this message has already been marked as read and you can forget that it came to you in the first place.

For such messages, you can put the “Unread” mark on the whole chat room to mark it as important.

To do this, select the chat in your list of chats, then tap on it and choose “Mark as New” from the menu.

After that, you will constantly have the icon of unread messages burning in the application.

Library of Gifs and Youtube

In Telegram, you can send gifs and YouTube clips directly from the messenger library. You can send a gif in two ways:

Type @gif in the message box and enter the search phrase after the space. You can enter it both in English and in Russian. For example, @gif hello. The second way is to simply select the file attachment menu (staple) and select @gif at the bottom of that menu.

YouTube clips are added in the same way, but you need to enter @youtube search phrase in the field.

Next, select the clip you want and click on it to send it to the chat.


There’s another really nice thing about the cart: stickers. You can find them online, just type “Telegram stickers” into the search engine and you can find stickers for any taste and color, on any subject.

You can also make your own stickers, but that is a topic for a separate article.

Viewing videos over other windows

A great feature of Telegram is the video in picture-in-picture mode. It means that you can watch video in a separate small window and use messenger at the same time. It looks like this:

In chat, click the video to view it full screen, then click the button in the upper right corner.

Timecodes on videos

Sometimes I share a video on Telegram, but I want the person I’m talking to to watch it from a certain point. Telegram has taken care of this too – when you send a video, just write in the text the time at which you want to start watching it, and this time will turn into a timecode – like on YouTube.

If the interlocutor clicks on the timecode, the viewing will start right away from the desired moment.

Grouping conversations into folders

This feature was missing in Telegram for a long time, many users complained “Why there is no grouping of contacts and chats.” Especially many moved to Telegram from Skype and lacked this functionality. But in Telegram, the ability to categorize chats into folders was made relatively recently.

Now, you can create folders and put chats, channels, and bots separately. Chats themselves can also be sorted as you like.

Telegram will also offer to create TV or other folders and automatically put chats in these folders.

Separate section for calls.

Telegram has proven itself to be an excellent messenger for calls. More recently, video calls have also appeared. For example, I often make calls through Telegram, because sometimes it is just more convenient and I am also happy with the sound quality in Telega.

For those who often use messenger to make calls, it is possible to make a separate tab with calls. To enable it, go to Settings -> Recent Calls and turn on the slider.

You will then see an additional Calls tab alongside the other tabs: Contacts, Chats, Settings.

Cloud storage – Favorites

Telegram is cloud storage. Not only does it store all the files and videos it sends you in the cloud, it also allows you to save information and files in its cloud. In Telegram, this is called Favorites.

You can find Favorites in the chat tab among other chats. To save something in Favorites (aka cloud) – just go to it and send files, videos, pictures or text and at any time you can go to Favorites and use them.

If you need to save someone else’s messages from other chats, you can forward them to Favorites.

You can use hashtags to organize your favorites

Telegram has hashtags that you can use to organize information in Favorites. Hashtags begin, as on any social network, with #.

To organize your favorites, tag information with hashtags so you can access it quickly.

You can set reminders

Telegram has one cool trick implemented with Favorites and delayed messaging – these are reminders. If you go to your favorites, write a message, and press the send button, you can schedule a reminder.

It will come to you at the appointed time as a message.

Quickly clear your favorites

Sometimes it is necessary to quickly delete all messages from Favorites, this is necessary if you use Favorites as a temporary storage of information. Telegram has provided this possibility. It is very easy to do. You just need to hold a tap on the favorite chat and click delete. After that, the messenger will prompt you to either delete the chat at all, or clear it.


Pin the chat.

I need quick access to Favorites, but since I don’t have it updated very often, the chat Favorites are usually at the bottom and I have to search for them or scroll through chats. Luckily, Telegram has a great feature for pinning chats at the top. You can use it not only for Favorites, but for any other chat.

To use it, you need to tap on the chat and select anchor, then the chat will be anchored at the top of the list and will always be there.

Your own design theme

Pavel Durov has thought the messenger through every detail, and for those who like customization, there is a feature that allows you to create a custom design theme for Telega. To make your own theme and customize it to your taste, go to Settings -> Appearance. In the upper right corner you will see the + button. Click it and create your own theme.

First, enter your theme name, then you can set your chat colors. Click Change Colors and, by selecting the tabs at the top, change the color for each object separately.

Multiple accounts in one app

I love it when apps allow you to manage multiple accounts without dancing with tambourine, just switching between them. Telegram is good here, too. It allows you to have multiple accounts in one app and it’s easy to switch between them.

To add an account, go to Settings and click Edit in the upper right corner, then you can add an account by clicking on the corresponding button.

Switching between accounts is very easy. Go to settings and choose the account you want.

Quick clearance of memory used by Telegram

If you don’t limit Telegram’s memory, it can eat up quite a bit of free space. By default, Telegram has an unlimited cache size and if you don’t clean it, sooner or later your smartphone’s memory will run out.

To start with, I recommend setting a memory usage limit, to do this, go to Settings -> Data and Memory -> Memory Usage.

Here you can set – how long to store files, as well as limit the maximum size of the cache to the value you want.

The button for clearing the Telegram cache is also located here. Press it, choose to clear only photos or other content, and confirm the clearing. Done, now the entire Telegram cache is removed from your device.

Secret menu

Telegram has a secret menu where you can enable various experimental features that have not yet been released, but are actively being tested. For example, before the release of video calls, it was already possible to enable them in this very menu.

To get to the menu, you need to click on the Settings icon quickly 10 times and you will get to the settings section for advanced users.

To read a message unnoticed by the sender

Generally, in Telegram, if you have viewed a message, the interlocutor sees that it has been read by you. Sometimes you need to read a message without the sender noticing, and there are a couple of ways to do this.

On the iPhone, it’s very easy to do – select the chat room where you want to read the message discreetly and hold a tap on it, and then the chat room will open in a pop-up window. You can scroll through it and read it without the sender seeing that you were viewing their message.

I have seen this method on Android, but have not tested it myself to see if it works.

In order to “invisibly” view a message, it is necessary to disconnect from the Internet, and with the Internet disabled, read the necessary messages, then make sure to unload Telegram from the section of the running programs (close it) and only then reconnect the Internet and restart the messenger. After such machinations, your messages will be read, but your interlocutor will not see it.

Write in comments, if this method works on Android.

You can disable visibility in the network

Telegram allows you to limit visibility altogether. By default, everyone can see if you are online or not. But you can go to Telegram settings and set visibility for certain groups of contacts.

To set visibility, go to Settings -> Privacy -> Activity.

Here, you can limit visibility to all or leave just your contacts. You can also add exceptions.

Signing in to Telegram can be protected by code, Face ID and Touch ID

Telegram can be secured with a passcode. If you have Face ID, Touch ID on your smartphone, you can set your messenger login with them. To set it up, go to Settings -> Privacy -> Password code

Here you will be able to enable code-password and set authorization via Face-ID.

Cloud password

There are additional security measures of the messenger – it is a cloud password. The cloud password is set in order to authorize on a new device in addition to the code from SMS.

This method of authentication is suitable if you are worried about losing access to your phone for some reason. In this case, a cloud password can help you limit access to unwanted people.

Secret chats and self-destructing messages

Durov tells us so much about the security and openness of the messenger, and indeed some features of Telega confirm his words. For example, create a secret chat.

To do this, go to the contact with whom you want to create a secret chat, and press the three dots, then select Start a secret chat.

Secret chat allows you to correspond with your conversation partner without worrying that your data will be saved somewhere on Telega’s servers (at least, that’s what Durov says), and there’s stronger encryption as well.

Secret chat allows you to set a timer to delete messages, which means that all of your messages that you send to your conversation partner will be deleted after being read after the time you specify. And if the person you’re chatting with takes a screenshot, you’ll be notified about it.

To set a timer in the secret chat, select the clock icon in the typing bar and set the desired time.

Such files will be automatically deleted from the chat after a specified period of time. Also, your interlocutor will not be able to forward these messages.

Chat Archive

Over time, there are a lot of chats in Telegram, but you are not going to write in them, at least for the foreseeable future, and at the same time you do not want to delete them. There is a great solution – you can archive a chat, if you need it in the future, you can bring it back. If you suddenly receive a message from your chat partner, the chat is automatically unarchived.

To move a chat into an archive, simply swipe and choose Archive.

The archive itself is at the top of all chats, and you can hide it by swiping Archive and hiding it.

After this, access to the Archive will be available as follows. In chats, just swipe the screen at the bottom and you’ll see the Archive.

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