Best Android Based Phone Tracking Apps

Best Android Based Phone Tracking Apps

Today, there are many different Android-based phone tracking apps available on the Internet. But are they effective? Here is the question. The main advantage of all the programs is that they are easy and simple to install on your cell phone. You can track your phone with the help of a computer via e-mail, where all the information from the phone is received. Also, all the applications work only in hidden mode, and it will be very difficult to detect them on the cell phone. Let’s take apart the five most popular spyware programs that can be found on the Internet:

  • Cell Phone Spy PRO +;
  • Talklog;
  • TrackView;
  • FlexiSpy;


Let’s start with Talklog application. The program has the following features:

  • Call log. You’ll get a full report of all calls to your email account;
  • Audio recording of phone calls. Each conversation can be recorded and then saved on the server;
  • Receive text messages. You can intercept all messages from your phone;
  • Phone location;
  • Web browser.

You can retrieve history from the Internet browser; apps.

Talklog can also record and monitor applications on your phone; audio control. The program allows you to turn on the microphone on your phone.

This is the whole list of features of Talklog phone tracking software. Not much, is it?

Cell Phone Spy PRO

The program Cell Phone Spy PRO + is basically aimed at catching your loved one in the act of cheating. It works in much the same way as all other spy programs. But it is worth mentioning that the efficiency of this program may be jeopardized, because it requires entering a password during its launching and thus it can be easily deleted from your cell phone. Despite this, Cell Phone Spy PRO + will locate the phone, its calls and messages.


The program TrackView Spy is able to track the location of your cell phone, view messages and listen to calls, listen to the surround sound and watch the picture from the camera. This program is great for tracking a child’s phone. The only downside is that the functionality of the application is small, so if you need a program with a wide range of functions, you’d better install another mobile spy.


FlexiSpy is one of the three programs described above. This application has many more features than the first three. All of the data will go into your personal account on the site. In addition to all the familiar features of any mobile spy, FlexiSpy can also break screen lock passwords, email and app passwords. In addition, you will receive notifications about the phone owner’s visits to forbidden places.

But it is worth noting that, none of the above mobile spy, does not guarantee the safety of information from third parties.

In recent years, the topic of phone tracking is becoming more and more relevant. Life of children is not safe, cheating in marriage has become more frequent, theft in homes and apartments is more common. All of this can be prevented in some cases, if you install surveillance. We will describe several ways to track your wife, child or your own home.

Varieties of Surveillance via the phone

There are two ways to track a person: legally and illegally. Keep in mind that any collection of information about a person without their consent is an illegal action. Illegal interference in private life threatens punishment of varying severity in accordance with the laws of the country.

It is possible to officially monitor a person in case you have obtained his consent or he himself provides personal data, for example – the location. Such surveillance is not against the law.

Surveillance provides information about a person, which is contained in his smartphone. The following data can be seized:

  • Photographs from the camera
  • Dictaphone recordings
  • List of incoming/outgoing calls
  • SMS messages
  • Location
  • Email messages
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